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Across the globe, companies are creating new technologies that continuously transform the way that we do business. It can be a slow process for these ideas to spread traditionally, leaving those without the knowledge at a disadvantage. We believe by staying connected, we can capture these ideas and accelerate the adaptation of technologies helping our local Australian industries stay ahead.

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Creating change in Australia

The Australian market is sometimes left behind when it comes to innovative technologies that are realised across the globe. Many companies don’t have the time or resources to complete in-depth research on new innovative solutions and ideas that are available here and now. We live in a global community, it’s time to utilise what’s available to your company. 

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Siquay Solutions offers a range of innovative services that bring social, environmental and cost benefits to our Australian clients. 

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Air filter cleaning solutions

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Check out the Air Filter Kit

Enhancing air filter cleaning efficiency, the Air Filter Cleaner introduces a groundbreaking method employing a precision-engineered rotating nozzle. This versatile tool kit seamlessly caters to a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from welding and agriculture to transportation, mining, and beyond.

Our commitment to you

Siquay Solutions is a technology leader in the Industrial Air Filtration & Dust Collection industry. Our goal is to provide you with the very best in-market solutions in Australia. Allowing your business to be fully compliant with regulatory standards, while protecting the health and lives of your workers. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all which is why we offer engineered solutions that are custom made to suite your specific needs.

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Air filter cleaning solutions 

We offer Diversitech’s patented Green Filter Cleaning Machine that will effectively and safely clean your cartridge style air filters. Their patented injection cleaning system (ICS-360) fits inside the filter to blow the dust off of the filter surface with compressed air. Companies with significant (20-30+) filters can see a ROI in less than one year.

Air Filter Cleaner Tool Kit – Standard

This is the essential tool for Australian professionals in agriculture, construction, forestry, and mining!

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This robust tool is the ideal solution for tackling those bulky dust collection units.

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Green Filter Cleaner

Clean and reuse your cartridge filters up to 4-6 times. Featuring Injection cleaning technology. Saves money and reduces waste.

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filter inspection station

Diversitech’s filter inspection stations allow operators to gauge the condition of their cartridge filters before and after cleaning.

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fred dpf cleaner

Designed to effectively remove diesel particulate matter and/or soot from most diesel particulate filters. Effective for road vehicles.

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Keep up to date with Siquay Solutions and find out whats happening across the globe in innovation & sustainability.


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