About Our Company

We exist to bring global innovative solutions to the Australian market.

Making positive change one step at a time

Across the globe, people are creating new technologies that continuously transform the way that we live our lives. It can be a slow process for these ideas to spread by word of mouth leaving those without the knowledge at a disadvantage. We believe by staying connected, we can capture these ideas and accelerate the adaptation of technologies helping our local Australian industries stay ahead.

The world is growing exponentially, let’s make sure we’re not left behind.

Our Story

Siquay Solutions was founded to provide companies with metallurgical, copper, recycling and air filtration solutions. Creating positive impact on the manufacturing, mining and mineral processing industries.
Siquay solutions brings innovation to the mining industry

Our Team

Alexander May

Engineering & Sales

My journey began in the heart of the mining and material processing industry, where I witnessed firsthand the intricate dance between raw materials and the machines that transform them. This fascination with the physical world, coupled with a burning desire to make a positive impact, led me to a dual undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and Commerce.

Myles Sicuro


After a diverse career in marketing across Australia and the UK, Myles discovered that he was most inspired when he was able to implement marketing strategies for individuals and organisations. Empowering growth and positive change in emerging businesses.

Our Vision

To create a network, where daily innovation is a reality that boost economic productivity.

Our Mission

Siquay Solutions is committed to providing and identifying innovative solutions across the globe and providing them to the Australian Market.

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