Air Filter Cleaner Tool Kit Installation Guide (Standard & XL)

AFC Installation Guide
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Thank you very much for purchasing the Air Filter Cleaner Tool Kit. Together we are making an impact on being environmentally responsible for generations to come.

The Air Filter Cleaner is a game-changer for cleaning cylindrical air filters. It uses a precisely crafted rotating nozzle powered by your standard shop air compressor. Three arms ensure 360-degree cleaning without allowing the filter to receive a direct blast. 

The AFC is designed to run only when placed properly inside the filter and in the VERTICAL POSITION only.

Safety glasses, a dust mask, gloves and extreme caution are highly  recommended.


Assemble tool

  1. Remove all contents from carrying case.
  2. Screw the ball valve to one end of the shaft.
  3. Screw the hex bushing into the ball valve. We recommend using Teflon tape to ensure an airtight connection.
  4. You are now ready to add your style of air hose fitting (not included) to the bushing. Teflon tape should be applied.
  5. Attach the lid clip to the lid by removing the adhesive strip and applying to lid (See picture for placement). Use 3 of the small screws to secure the clip in place.
  6. Slide the tiered lid onto the metal shaft, top of the lid (sticker) should be facing the ball valve.
  7. Secure the precision  machined rotating nozzle to the opposite side of the metal shaft by screwing on by hand. You do not need to use force to
  8. You have been supplied with three 16” lengths of tubing in red, black, and natural. Measure the internal dimensions of the air filter you are
    cleaning and cut the tubing to the appropriate size using the measuring  tool printed on the lid. Cut 3 pieces of tube per size. Keep in mind that
    you need to stay 1 ½ “away from the internal filter at all times.
  9. Through the manufacturing and packaging process, foreign material may have entered your tool. To ensure the AFC is ready to use, give it a short blast of air to remove any material that may have entered inadvertently

Replacement parts

Replacement parts can easily be purchased on our website


  1. Choose the appropriately sized arms for the filter you are cleaning. Stay approximately 1½” away from the filter’s membrane.
  2. Place the AFC lid over the cylindrical filter being cleaned. The lid should always remain in contact with the filter 360 degrees.
  3. Place the ball valve in the T position. Connect the air supply to your style of fitting. Make sure the rotating nozzle and shaft are in the UPMOST   position.
  4. Release the ball valve by turning the knob so that it is in line with the shaft. (open/on)
  5. Slowly lower the shaft as the rotating nozzle cleans the filter. If the shaft is raised while cleaning, make sure the lid stays in contact with the filter by using your hand to steady it.

Removing & replacing arms

The arms are held into the 90-degree quick connect elbow by internal locking claws. To remove arms, simply pull arm out WHILE pushing and holding back on the release ring located at the end of the 90-degree quick connect elbow. Be sure to confirm the arm has locked into place before turning the Air Filter Cleaner on.

Important reminders

  • Only operate/turn on the AFC while in place of the filter.
  • Under NO circumstances should you remove or clean the safety filter.
  • Keep lid in 360 degrees contact of the filter.
  • Never try and remove arms without holding quick release collar ring back.
  • Make sure arms are fully inserted and locked securely into place before turning AFC on.
  • Extremely dirty filters may require a pause in cleaning to allow the air compressor to repressurise.
  • Always stay approximately 1 ½” away from the internal filter.
  • Never exceed 130 psi.
  • Safety glasses, dust make and gloves are recommended.


Consumers of the Air Filter Cleaner Tool Kit (Standard & XL) will have the peace of mind knowing that you are always protected by the safety filter inside your machine which should NEVER be cleaned.


Air Filter Cleaner warrants our craftsmanship and products solely. Please forward your concerns to our service email Please provide date of purchase as well proof or purchase when referencing your request.

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