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Siquay Solutions offers a variety of air filter cleaning solutions 

The Green Filter Cleaning Machine will effectively and safely clean your cartridge style air filters. This injection cleaning system (ICS-360) fits inside the filter to blow the dust off of the filter surface with compressed air. Companies with a significant (20-30+) filters can sometimes see a ROI in less than one year, depending on their filter maintenance schedule and filter replacement costs. The filter cleaning machine is green and environmentally friendly, reducing the number of filters going to landfill and allowing companies to clean and reuse cartridges up to 3-6 times depending on application.

$70.00 $140.00
Save: $70.00

This highly durable shaft is made of Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC).


The dust containment unit can be used with the standard and XL Air Filter Cleaning Tools.
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$599.00 $636.50
Save: $37.50

This robust tool is the ideal solution for tackling those bulky dust collection units.
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$539.00 $574.00
Save: $35.00

This Air Filter Cleaner is a powerful tool that works in conjunction with your existing air compressor to provide a thorough 360-degree cleaning experience.

Siquay Solutions Filter Inspection Station allows operators to gauge the condition of their cartridge filters before and after cleaning.

The Filter Cleaning Machine is designed to reduce filter pressure drop after cleaning, improving the performance and efficiency of your air filtration system.


Our cartridge filter cleaning stations and air filter cleaning tools can be used on a wide variety of applications and industries. Ensuring that your employees and machines are protected from the damage of dust.

Construction site using the GFCM to keep air clean

Construction Industry

The construction industry can be quite the dusty environment for workers and machines.

Cleaning your DPF

Transport Industry

The Fred DPF can be a huge cost saving tool designed to effectively remove particulate matter and soot.

Mining site and the Green Filter Cleaning Machine

Minerals Industry

The minerals and mining industry is a very dusty environment. The GFCM can save thousands on filter replacement costs.

construction site

heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery contains a lot of filters that will need to be either thrown away or cleaned, cleaning is a cheaper option.

Plastic cleaning

Plastics Industry

Machinery used in the plastic industry causes a build up of fumes and waste on the filters. These should be cleaned.

What is a better technology bag filters or cartridge filters.

Factories/dust collection

Many factories with dust collectors can have their filters cleaned rather than being replaced saving thousands.

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