Cleaning Your Heavy Equipment Air Filters Is The Right Thing To Do

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To ensure your machinery is operating at optimal performance you need to ensure that all fluid systems are clean and unworn. With several fluid systems contributing to the operation of machinery, you need to minimise foreign bodies and the effects they can have on your engine. Foreign bodies such as dust or grit can adhere to surfaces, where it can:

  • Block tubes restricting fluid flow
  • Cover surfaces reducing thermal conductivity for cooling
  • Embed between moving surfaces causing abrasion in the engine

To prevent foreign bodies in fluids penetrating deep into the engine and causing reduced performance or increased wear, we use filters. Air, however, is different from fuel and oils as it is the only essential fluid which we do not store for operation, meaning we have little control over the number of bodies from where we source it. There is little we can do to prevent the dust in the air though we can ensure we buy quality fuels and oils.

Clean air filters save money and fuel

For machinery, air filters are used to prevent dust and air particles from accessing deep into the engine, this however comes at the cost of restricting airflow. Restricted airflow results in higher pressure to get the same volume of air. The engine needs to work harder, using more fuel as it is attempting to ‘breathe’.

Have your air filters cleaned decreases engine stress

To ensure that air intake is not restricted, maintenance teams are left with two choices; replace air filters regularly or clean their air filters regularly.

When working in dusty environments, an air filter might become completely blocked after just a few weeks of operation, leading to a significant cost in new filters and a large mass of waste.

However, cleaning filters offers reduced cost as filters can be reused up to 5 times. Some operators will attempt to increase the time between services to reduce these costs, though this comes at the reduced efficiency of the engine.

If an operator is replacing filters frequently, they are not only increasing their costs but also their waste production and Carbon Footprint.

With Industries recognising the importance of reducing their carbon footprint, replacing air filters is an easy strategy to implement.

The Air Filter Cleaning Tool Kit is one of the best method to cleaning air filters as it is quick, safe and affordable. Maintenance teams that use the Air Filter Cleaning Tool can see returns on their investment in just a few uses a year depending on their frequency and quantity of machines.

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