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Siquay Solutions is excited to announce its partnerships with Mettop, WeCo and UrbanGold. This partnership aims to bring about multiple benefits to the mining and mineral processing industries in Australia. Benefits include improved durability, sustainability and recycling, and efficiency in the use of copper. 

Mettop, the metallurgical experts

Mettop is an internationally renowned engineering company known for their work in metallurgical solutions. Mettop works globally with companies in the non-ferrous metal industry to deliver technical consulting, operator training, and optimisation of risk management in metallurgical plants. Mettop holds multiple patents for products that optimise the processing of metals. The solutions that Mettop brings to Australia are:

  • Cooling Solutions
  • Iltec Technology 
  • Tank House
  • Purging Technology
  • Refractory Management 
  • Training 

Find out more information about metallurgical solutions here

UrbanGold, e-waste solutions

Siquay Solutions are the Australasian representative for UrbanGold. UrbanGold are experts in the recycling of e-waste. They set out to create a new standard of metallurgical recycling technologies. They have designed and developed new processing technologies that are suited to the recycling of e-waste for optimal retention and separation of metals.

Recycling Solutions

WeCo, copper solutions 

Siquay Solutions are the Australasian representative for Welding Copper (WeCo). WeCo is a Spanish, non-ferrous metal foundry that was founded in 2010. WeCo provides high quality copper cooling equipment for use in high temperature applications. WeCo utilise Iltec technology to manufacture Ionic Life Cast equipment that has a perfect union between the copper cooling pipe and the cast copper. 


The team at Siquay Solutions is honored to have the opportunity to work with metallurgical experts Mettop, UrbanGold and Weco. This partnership will bring long-term profitable and sustainable solutions to the mineral processing industry in Australia.

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