Air Filter Cleaner Tool Kit ~ XL

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This robust tool is the ideal solution for tackling those bulky dust collection units.

While most agricultural applications don’t necessitate this size, we always recommend measuring your largest filter by ID and ordering accordingly.

The XL Air Filter Cleaner comes with three individual 40.6cm lengths of tubing in red, black, and natural. Customise your tool by trimming the tubing to fit your specific filters.

This powerful unit effectively cleans 10.2cm to 35.6cm ID radial seal air filters, guaranteeing your equipment operates at its peak performance.

Select your preferred shaft length at checkout – 63.5cm or 101.6cm – to accommodate your cleaning requirements.

Compared to our original AFC unit, the XL Air Filter Cleaner features a larger lid, an additional disk, a longer shaft, and an extra set of longer arms, making it the perfect tool for filter cleaning.

  • 63.5cm or 101.6cm Shaft
  • Ball valve & Hex Bushing
  • Precision-machined rotating nozzle with 3 ports (male elbow/push connects)
  • Larger 7-tiered lid for accommodating various filter sizes
  • Extra Disc
  • Optional longer shaft
  • An additional set of tubing
  • Lid Bracket that holds 3 sizes of arms simultaneously
  • Instruction booklet and warranty
  • Dust mask

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Whats Included in the Kit?

Lid from the Air Filter Cleaner Tool Kit


30.5cm 7-Tiered Lid for accommodating various filter sizes.

Lid clamp from the Air Filter Cleaner Tool Kit

Lid Bracket

Lid Bracket that holds 3 sizes of arms simultaneously.

Tubes from the Air Filter Cleaner Tool Kit

Multiple Tubing

Multiple feet of flexible tubing to customise your nozzle size.

Rotating Nozzle from the Air Filter Cleaner Tool Kit

Rotating Nozzel

Precision-machined rotating nozzle with 3 ports (male elbow/push connects).

Ball valve and hex head from the Air Filter Cleaner Tool Kit

Ball Valve

Ball valve & Hex Bushing.

Metal Shaft from the Air Filter Cleaner Tool /kit

Metal Shaft

63.5cm (XL 101.6cm) Shaft.


Agriculture Industry

Australian Farmers who need maximum productivity and efficiency from their equipment turn to us in challenging environments.

Construction Industry

Smart fleet managers trust us to keep their workhorses healthy in the dust and grind of construction.


Foresters and wood processors trust AFC as their silent champion, protecting and optimising their vital equipment like booms, bunchers, and loaders, even in the most demanding environments.


If you use dust collector units, our air filter cleaner can save you money right away. Instead of replacing filters, you can clean and reuse them.


Mining and ore processing companies rely on AFC to keep their equipment running smoothly, both above and below ground.


AFC helps fleet managers optimise truck performance, lower costs, and minimise downtime.

Plus so many more! 
It’s the ideal cost saving tool to keep your machines working more effectively.


We’ve included a video tutorial just below on the easiest and quickest way to set up the AFC.


Simply assemble the unit, connect to your air compressor and you’re good to go!

The ACF Tool Kit is made in the USA. The materials used to manufacture the tool kit are locally sourced.

You can rely on a high quality product made and designed in the USA.

The AFC is built tough…we use only the strongest and most durable materials. If you drop it…it simply won’t break. 

Less time fiddling, more time getting the job done. The AFC is designed to save you valuable minutes by staying ready to use, wherever you need it.

Installation Guide

Watch our installation guide video. 

Play Video

Additional information

Weight4.55 kg
Dimensions63 × 35.56 × 7.62 cm

Pete Air Filter Cleaner


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