Fred DPF Cleaner

The FRED DPF makes the cleaning of expensive diesel particulate filters safe, fast and very easy. The machine is designed to effectively remove diesel particulate matter and/or soot from most DPFs.  The FRED DPF Cleaner uses 1200 CFM of air flow to pull diesel soot and other pollutants from the bottom of the filter while simultaneously pushing compressed air at the top of the filter to dislodge soot, ensuring a thorough cleaning. Cleaning DPF’s has never been made so easy, clean and safe with minimal exposure of soot to operators by trapping soot in the waste barrel. This machine can be used in many locations including your shop, garage or even on a mobile service truck.

The FRED DPF Cleaner makes cleaning DPF’s easy allowing maintenance to ensure their equipment is running at peak performance. A clean and unblocked DPF will improve fuel economy and ensure increased engine power.


  • Compact, portable
  • 120 volt, single phase
  • Easy to operate
  • Complies with OSHA guidelines

Ideal Applications

  • Semi Truck DPF
  • Transit Bus DPF
  • Heavy Equipment off-road DPFs
  • Railroad locomotive DPFs
  • Power Generation DPFs

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Guides & Support

Learn how to get the most out of your FRED DPF and troubleshoot common problems.

See our help topics and support videos below, and download the FRED DPF product guide and owner’s manual.

How to..

Unpack Unit

  1. Inspect carton for any possible damage during transit.
  2. Use forklifts or trucks to move.
  3. Remove packing material.
  4. Do not tip or invert while handling.
  5. You’ll find the item serial number, model and electrical ratings located on the nameplate. Write down information on the provided Maintenance Record found in the owner’s manual.


  1. Tools required:
    • 7/16 Socket or Wrench
    • 9/16 Socket or Wrench
    • Torque Wrench

Arm-to-Blower Direct Installation

  1. Unpack capture arm, hood, and base.
  2. Attach swivel base to mounting plate:
    • Mount Swivel Base to Mount Plate.
    • Tighten all Bolts (8) with Washers (8)
    • Torque each bolt to 23 N m
  3. Attach capture arm to swivel base:
    • Insert Spacers (3) between Capture Arm Mounting Bracket.
    • Thread Bolts (3) with Washers (3) through Mounting Bracket and Spacers.
    • Mount Capture Arm Assembly to Swivel Base.
    • Thread Washers (3) and Locking Nuts (3) to Bolts (3)
    • Tighten all Bolts (3) to Locking Nuts (3)
    • Torque each bolt to 40 N m
  4. Install flex hose:
    • Mount Flex Hose to Swivel Base and Capture Arm.
    • Tighten Both Hose Clamps.
  1. Opening rear panel:
    • Twist and release Twist Lock Latches.
    • Open Rear Panel.
  2. Prepare for filter:
    • Slide and lock the Locking Bolt in the left most position.
    • Pull Retention Rod Handle to allow space for filter.
  3. Insert clean filter.
  4. Lock filter:
    • Push Retention Rod to forward most position.
    • Slide and Lock the Locking Bolt to the right most position and lock.
  5. Close rear panel. Twist and release Twist Lock Latches.
  1. Measure the height of filter in inches.
      • Correct spacing is required.
      • If the unit won’t function and the screen indicates “filter not sealed”, refrain from using the maintenance switch. This can cause bypass and damage internal components (not covered under warranty).
  1. Release both latches to open the top of the Cabinet.
  2. Install required spacers (refer to filter spacer chart in manual).
  3. Load filter.
  4. Close and secure the latches.

Use for the Maintenance Switch

The maintenance switch is used to inspect the function of the cleaning mechanism.

  1. Before use remove the compressed air.
  2. Activate the cleaning cycle.
  3. Inspect for any restrictions of movement.
  4. Inspect for dust.
  5. Apply an oil base lubricate alone to the acme rod to prevent build up.


  1. Check the leads at input power source.
  2. Check leads at unit.
  3. If the problem continues, contact Siquay Solutions support for assistance.
  1. nspect Hood inlet and Capture tubes. Clean if necessary.
  2. Check filter. Replace if necessary.
  3. If the problem continues, contact Siquay Solutions for support and assistance.
  1. Contact Siquay Solutions support for assistance.

Technical Specs

Model (Product Number)Motor (H.P.)Air Flow (CFM)Volts/Phase/HzAmpsNet Weight1Width1Height1Length1Cord Length (ft.)Filter Type
FRED-DPF-12001.51200120V / 1 / 60Hz13.2130.1832.5″115″33″undefinedNanotech MERV 15

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