Green Filter Cleaning Machine

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Check out our alternative the Air Filter Cleaner Kit.

The Green Filter Cleaning Machine (GFCM) uses Diversitech’s patented dry cleaning technology to safely and effectively clean your cartridge style air filters. Cleaning dirty filters translates into immediate ROI as the life of filters can be increased 3-6 times depending on the application. The machine makes cleaning filters an easy simple process with the loading, cleaning and inspection taking less than 15 minutes. Making the GFCM a necessity for the modern-day mobile maintenance shop. Check out the GFCM 3D model.

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Cost Saving

The Filter Cleaning Machine is designed to reduce filter pressure drop after cleaning, improving the performance and efficiency of your air filtration system.

The machine is ideal for cleaning dust collector cartridge filters, diesel engine intake filters, or any cartridge filter with an inner diameter greater than 6.5” and shorter than 40” in height. The filter cleaning mechanism requires 80 cfm of dry compressed air at 80-100 psi to function properly. Diversitech’s Green Filter Cleaning Machine provides users with many benefits including reduced landfill waste, protects workers by automating the hazardous filter cleaning process and saves companies on replacement filter and disposal costs.


  • Reuse filters 3-6 times
  • Automated cleaning cycle
  • Reduces waste & environmentally friendly
  • Pays for itself with savings
  • Industries
  • Reuse filters 3-6 times
  • Automated cleaning cycle
  • Reduces waste & environmentally friendly
  • Pays for itself with savings
  • Industries


  • Stand alone unit designed to clean cylindrical cartridge filters
  • Dry patented cleaning process
  • ICS-360 Injection self-cleaning mechanism
  • Lexan transparent cyclone dust collector
  • Filter inspection station (optional)

Ideal Applications

  • Dust collector cartridges
  • Mining & construction machinery intake air filters
  • Gas turbine intake filters
  • Vacuum pump intake filters
  • Cylindrical cartridge filters/miscellaneous


Provided below are some commonly asked questions about the Green Filter Cleaning Machine

The GFCM machine has been tested by the Southwest Research Institute to identify the cleaning capabilities of the machine. The study found that after 4 cleans the machine had actually increased in filter efficiency whilst only having an 8.6% increase in restriction. The cleaning results are dependent on the type of filter and the operating environment, however we recommend 4-6 cleans per filter.

A visual inspection of the filter with a high-powered light in a dark room can expose any tears or holes in the filter media before storing or reusing the cartridge filter in your filtration unit.

Power per run is on average 0.5KWh. In 2017 average cost in Australia for a KWh is 34.41 $/KWh so the machine would cost approx. 17c per clean.

Maintenance is simply replacement of the machines filters.

The GFCM can clean most cylindrical dust filters used as a primary filter. You should never clean a secondary filter, these should always be replaced. Machine filters that the GFCM is suitable to clean are mobile diesel equipment, dust collector cartridges, Gas turbine intake filters.

To load the filter and the machine to complete its cleaning cycle takes around 6 minutes. The filter should then be unloaded and placed in the inspection system to check the pressure drop of the filter is not too much and the filter does not need to be thrown away. The filter should then be inspected using a bright light on the inside of the filter in a dark place to check for any tears or damage to the filter. Once the filter is verified it should be wrapped in a clean plastic bag so it is free from dust before being put back into use. The inspection generally takes 5 minutes making the whole clearing process take about 15 minutes.

GFCM Technical Guide

Model (Product Number)Motor (H.P.)Air Flow (CFM)Volts/Phase/HzAmpsNet Weight1Width1Height1Length1Filter QuantityFilter Area (Sq. Ft.)Filter Type
GFCM-40-075X27.52000230V/3/50hz22296.6532″40″34″152″Cellulose/Polyester Blend
GFCM-40-075X47.52000460V/3/50hz11296.6532″40″34″152″Cellulose/Polyester Blend
GFCM-40-075X57.52000575V/3/50hz9296.6532″40″34″152″Cellulose/Polyester Blend

Guides & Support

Learn how to get the most out of your Green Filter Cleaning Machine.

See our help topics and download the Green Filter Cleaning Machine product guide and owner’s manual.

How to..

Unpack Unit

  1. Inspect crated skid used for shipping for any possible damage.

Assemble Unit

  1. Bolt the four legs on the cyclone assembly.
  2. Install Cabinet Assembly and Cyclone Assembly 12” apart:
    • Join the Cabinet and Cyclone using flex hose.
    • Seal the interface between the flexible hose and the metal conduit using hose clamps and silicone.
  3. Use the female connector and male plug to connect the Dust Collector Cyclone Motor to the Control Panel.

Compressed Air Installation

  1. Use dry compressed air only. (Unit requires a minimum of 80 CFM at 90 PSI to operate correctly.)
  2. Connect compressed air (90 PSI) to the ½” inlet fitting located on the back of the unit.
  3. For safety purposes install a cut-off valve on the line.
  4. If the shop pressure is above 100 PSI, use a regulator to reduce supply air.
  5. A 1/2” NPT supply is required.

Barrel Installation

The Cyclone won’t operate correctly unless the Cyclone and Barrel connection is fully sealed.

  1. Slide barrel under cyclone cone.
  2. Apply liberal amounts of silicone sealant to the barrel inlet collar.
  3. Slide the flexible hose over the collar.
  4. Fasten the flexible hose to the collar using hose clamp.
  1. Check the pneumatic connections on the back of the unit.
  2. Connect the air hose and make sure that the air fittings don’t leak air.
  3. Ensure nothing is jammed up against the mechanism.
  4. Make sure that the Cyclone motor is plugged into the Control Box.
    1. Measure the height of filter in inches.
      • Correct spacing is required.
      • If the unit won’t function and the screen indicates “filter not sealed”, refrain from using the maintenance switch. This can cause bypass and damage internal components (not covered under warranty).
    2. Release both latches to open the top of the Cabinet.
    3. Install required spacers (refer to filter spacer chart in manual).
    4. Load filter.
    5. Close and secure the latches.

    Use for the Maintenance Switch

    The maintenance switch is used to inspect the function of the cleaning mechanism.

    1. Before use remove the compressed air.
    2. Activate the cleaning cycle.
    3. Inspect for any restrictions of movement.
    4. Inspect for dust.
    5. Apply an oil base lubricate alone to the acme rod to prevent build up.


  1. Confirm that you are supplying the correct voltage into the system.
  2. Confirm all fuses are functional.
  3. If your GFCM unit does not turn on, it is possible that the unit is in reverse phasing. An electrician is required to reposition phase lines.
  4. Check that the motor plug in is secured properly. The plug needs to be clicked in for the unit to function correctly.
  5. Confirm the correct rotation according to the arrows on the motor.
  6. If the problem continues, contact Siquay Solutions for support and assistance.
  1. The correct voltage for the unit to function properly is 2.5 AMPS DC Voltage.
  2. Check the wire connections to confirm that they are properly connected and in the correct position.
  3. Check the sensor and magnet. To do this, you will need to open the bottom panel to get access to gear motor. Inspect the sensor and magnet.
  4. If the sensor and magnet are dirty, the unit won’t function properly. You will need to clean them.
  5. Check to see if the magnet is in the proper location. For the sensor to function correctly, the magnet must be in place.
  6. If the problem continues, contact Siquay Solution support for assistance.
  1. Check the main unit. If it has begun to show signs of accumulation, air will be restricted thru the cyclone system and the unit won’t function properly.
  2. Remove the safety filter and inspect for air restriction.
  3. Remove the pleated filter on the exterior unit. Change filter if dirty.
  4. If the problem continues, contact Siquay Solution support for assistance.

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