Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Dust Extractor

$4,199.00 $5,499.00
Save: $1,300.00

Conquer filter cleaning dust without the fuss.

This industrial dust extractor can be connected to our dust containment unit to extract all your dust.

Here’s how it keeps your workplace clean and safe:

  • Powerful and seamless: Twin AMETEK motors and automatic pulse cleaning ensure continuous suction, even with fine concrete dust.
  • Breathe freely: High-efficiency HEPA filters capture 99.99% of harmful particles, protecting your health.
  • Dust stays contained: A self-contained bag collects debris, minimising mess and operator exposure. Perfect for various concrete jobs like grinding, scarifying, coring, and dry sawing.
  • Built for action: Cyclonic separation handles heavy debris, and efficient filters stay clog-free. Plugs into standard power, making it portable and convenient.
  • Easy to maintain: Simple serviceability means less downtime and more productivity.

This Paddock industrial vacuum is the no-nonsense solution for serious dust control in filter cleaning work.

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