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Siquay Solutions can clean your filters and report back to you the results. Generally our Green Filter Cleaning Machine can clean filters between 3-6 times.

How clean does the filter cleaning machine clean the filters?

The GFCM machine has been tested by the Southwest Research Institute to identify the cleaning capabilities of the machine. The study found that after 4 cleans the machine had actually increased in filter efficiency whilst only having an 8.6% increase in restriction. The cleaning results are dependent on the type of filter and the operating environment, however we recommend 4-6 cleans per filter. A study was completed by a southwest research institute where a filter was loaded with dust, cleaned by the GFCM then measured. This cycle was completed four times with the following results.

Cleaning your dirty filters with the Green Filter Cleaning Machine


Dust loaded before 1st cleaning 25.34lbs – Dust removed 1st clean 22.60lbs (89.2%)


Dust loaded before 2nd cleaning 20.90lbs – Dust removed 2nd clean 18.30lbs (87.6%)


Dust loaded before 3rd cleaning 20.35lbs – Dust removed 3rd clean 20.00lbs (98.3%)


Dust loaded before 4th cleaning 19.85lbs – Dust removed 4th clean 19.70lbs (99.2%)

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