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Air Filter Cleaning Tool Kit
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$539.00 $574.00
Save: $35.00

This Air Filter Cleaner is a powerful tool that works in conjunction with your existing air compressor to provide a thorough 360-degree cleaning experience.
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$629.00 $669.00
Save: $40.00

This robust tool is the ideal solution for tackling those bulky dust collection units.

$3,495.00 $3,900.00
Save: $405.00

The dust containment unit can be used with the standard and XL Air Filter Cleaning Tools.

Siquay Solutions Filter Inspection Station allows operators to gauge the condition of their cartridge filters before and after cleaning.

The FRED DPF makes the cleaning of expensive diesel particulate filters safe, fast and very easy.

$70.00 $140.00
Save: $70.00

This highly durable shaft is made of Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC).

The Filter Cleaning Machine is designed to reduce filter pressure drop after cleaning, improving the performance and efficiency of your air filtration system.

$4,199.00 $5,499.00
Save: $1,300.00

This industrial dust extractor can be connected to our dust containment unit to extract all your dust.
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