Metallurgical Solutions

Siquay Solutions have partnered with Mettop, an internationally renowned engineering company known for their work in metallurgical processing. Mettop’s advanced knowledge of processing is proven by holding multiple patents for products that optimise the processing of metals. The following are some of the services offered by Mettop.


Cooling solutions

Mettop uses advanced engineering and simulation tools to design cooling equipment for optimal operation. This equipment can also be supplied in conjunction with WeCo, experts in the manufacture of copper cooling equipment.

Cooling Solutions
Iltec Technology

Iltec technology

ILTEC is a new, patented cooling technology that makes water-free cooling solutions possible. IL-B2001 is a revolutionary new cooling medium that substitutes water and provides a safe and easy operation mode for all fields of application. IL-B2001 is a unique ionic salt that has high-ranking characteristics when it comes to its physical properties, high operation temperature, and most importantly its lack of reaction when it contacts slag or liquid metal.

Tank house solutions

Mettop have worked on the design, optimisation and construction of multiple tankhouses around the world. The BRX-Technology allows for increased refinery throughput by using a parallel flow of electrolyte between the cathode and the cathode. This technology can easily be applied to new or existing tankhousess with the specially designed spacers.

Mettop GmbH | Innovative System Solutions

Tankhouse Solutions
Purging Technology

Purging technology

Gas purging refers to introduction of different gases through purging plugs installed at the bottom of a metallurgical furnace. Typical purging gases are nitrogen and argon, but the use of hydrogen gains more and more importance.Mettop use their knowledge and expertise of furnaces to provide gas purging systems suitable for not just Argon, Nitrogen, natural gas but also Hydrogen, which has been shown to improve process efficiency. 

Mettop GmbH | Innovative System Solutions

Refractory management

Mettop offers refractory engineering, including precise refractory drawings, material and brick lists, heat and expansion transition calculations, detailed representation of all critical areas, and installation manuals and instructions including 3D drawings. As Mettop is an independent company, they are able to choose the right materials specific to each job as they are not bound to specific products or brands. 

Mettop GmbH | Innovative System Solutions

Refractory Management


Mettop Academy offers a wide range of practice-orientated training courses and seminars on various topics related to non-ferrous metallurgy, combining experience and knowledge with profound data research.

Mettop GmbH | Innovative System Solutions

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