The ‘Green Machine’ could dust hundreds of thousands off mining maintenance bills

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As powerful as the moving parts of mining machinery are, a small amount of dust can damage them, yet the movement of ore creates a huge amount of dust.

Therefore, air filters are used within this equipment to filter out the dust and pollutants to avoid impeding their performance. Air filters are used in crushing and grinding machinery, loaders and trucks to name a few. Considering the amount of dust that these filters see, they need replacing pretty regularly.

The replacement has to be incorporated into maintenance schedules, which is costly. Installing new filters is expensive and timely, not to mention the strain that they put on the environment when going into landfill. 

Cleaning air filters saves you money

The average cost of an air filter for a mining shovel is $440, and these shovels can have up to 56 filters in them. Every 500 hours, the filters need replacing, costing around $24,000 for one piece of mining equipment every 45 operating days, or $13,700 a year! Large mines have a lot of equipment that use air filters, and these can be a large expense for the company while contributing to more waste and pressure on the environment. 

This is where Diversi-Tech stepped in, a Canadian based company who created the Green Filter Cleaning Machine. The Machine cleans filters so that they can be reused up to 6 times. It works by releasing compressed air through a rotating air jet. This jet moves in a spiral motion as well as up and down. Pollutants from the filter are captured and safely stored inside a 55-gallon drum. The ‘Green Machine’ can clean a range of primary air intake filters, however it does not clean safesty filters as these must be replaced. 

Innovative products will make better changes in the mining industry

A surface mine with 50 haulers and dozers spends $649,000 a year on replacing filters. If they only have to replace filters 1/6th of the time while using the green machine, they could save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. As well as this, the Green Machine can also save hundreds of hours out of maintenance schedules as the process of cleaning the filters is efficient and safe. 

This cost saving, time saving and environmentally friendly piece of equipment has seen great success in the Canadian and American mining industry. Siquay Solutions, an Australian owned business is now breaking into the Australian market with these brilliant machines that could save our mining and farming industries millions. Enquire here today to request an obligation free quote.

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