Why you should clean your Diesel Particulate Filter

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Keeping your diesel particulate filter (DPF) clean will save you thousands in the long run. Did you know just under 1kg of unburnt ash can be stuck inside a dirty DPF?

When your filter is full, it can cause a series of major problems for your vehicles, including: increased downtime for regeneration (the burning of ash in your DPF), reduced fuel economy, loss of horsepower, serious damage to your DPF and eventually damage to your engine.

Stop your DPF from causing damage to your engines.

When your DPF isn’t cleaned properly and regularly, it can lead to engine breakdown, but also your DPF warrant can be voided. You might expect to receive some heavy fines for not complying with emission standards.

DPF cleaning schedules may differ according the the engine conditions, manufacture specs, duty cycle and even the type of lube oil used in the heavy duty engine. Most manufacturers would recommend having your DPF cleaned at 321,000 kilometers. However, as a rule of thumb we recommended having your DPF cleaned every 240,000 kilometers.

How do you know your diesel particulate filter needs cleaning?

There are some quite obvious signs including poor engine performance and frequent regeneration cycles. Be proactive and don’t wait for these problems to create some serious further problems down the track. This is where our Fred DPF comes in… 

The Fred DPF is an extraordinary machine made for cleaning your DPF properly and safely.

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